What People Are Saying About the Book:


  • Zachary’s Choice is soul-bearing and gives voice to the silent agony of all suicide survivors. I felt like I was there and heard the deep crying sound of pain that most people will never hear. This is a story of strength and hope that will touch everyone who carries our cross.” John Shockley, lost 15 year old son, Johnny, in 2009
  • “Suzy’s ability to articulate the darkness of grief, the stigma of suicide, and the comfort of Christ is a gift to those living the aftermath of such tragedy. This book grants the bereaved permission to experience the weight of grief without judgement, yet points them to the relentless love of the Holy Comforter. Zachary’s Choice is a sanctuary for those who know the trauma of suicide and child death and an invaluable resource for those who desire to minister to suicide survivors.” Regina Cyzick Harlow, bereaved mom, pastor, grief companion, and founder of The Sadie Rose Foundation


  • “After losing my 45 year old brother to suicide, I felt totally lost and alone. The darkness was almost too much to bear. This sincere book shows that God loves me and holds me in the palm of his hand. It will help anyone dealing with the horror and shame of suicide.” Tammy S. Whitmer, lost brother in 2010


  • “Things like this don’t happen to Christian, home schooling families, do they?’ This quote from Zachary’s Choice sums up this deeply expressive memoir about a teen’s suicide that appears to have come from nowhere. Instead of a warning to parents, this book, written by a dedicated mother and foster mother, serves as a comfort to survivors. This memoir is evidence of the limited power we have over others and addresses the guilt and public shame often associated with a suicide death. Zachary’s Choice would be a great resource for people who want to help a survivor but have no experience with suicide” Ginny Sparrow Editor: American Association of Suicidology


  • “As Suzy described her feelings throughout her journey, they were reminiscent of my own. This honest book will be a blessing to so many women.” Lori Wyatt, lost 16 year old son, Nicholas, in 1995


  • “In her memoir, Zachary’s Choice, Suzy LaBonte candidly explores the full spectrum of emotions associated with loss by suicide. She confronts the nagging “whys,” the guilt and shame, and the difficult process of moving on. With humility, honesty and grace, Suzy inspires hope that true joy is possible even after confronting one of life’s most tragic losses – the death of a child by suicide.” Lisa Ellison, Ed.S, NCC, Resident in Counseling, Survivor of Suicide Loss: lost 20 year old brother, Joe, in 1997


  • “Finally, an unguarded book that tells the personal and intimate side of what suicide does to the ones left behind. Zachary’s Choice has shown me that I’m not alone in this journey and that all of my intense and unpredictable emotions are acceptable. Anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide should read this book.” Stephanie L. Darne, lost husband, Sgt. Matthew C. Darne USMC, in 2013



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