How to Handle the Holidays


  • Some find it helpful to incorporate the loss into the holidays:
    • Set an empty place at the table.
    • Light a special candle.
    • Share a memory.
    • Purchase a special Christmas ornament.
    • Bake and eat your loved one’s favorite dessert.
  • Others find if beneficial to creat new traditions altogether:
    • Go away! Travel to a new place!
    • Volunteer to serve or attend a community meal.
    • Bake and eat YOUR favorite dessert.
    • Eat at a restaurant or friend’s house instead of in your home.
    • Invite a needy neighbor, single parent, or lonely college student to a meal.
    • Place flowers, a mini-pumpkin, or Christmas cookie at the grave.
    • Hit the holiday sales! Buy something  you have been wanting!
  • Make a plan — even if it involves only one small thing.

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