How to Guard Your Marriage

  • walking-in-the-rain-733599-m[1]Fortify your commitment. This event may well be “the worst” you promised to endure when you spoke your wedding vows. The rest of your family is in jeopardy of falling apart if you don’t guard your marriage.
  • Give each other grace to grieve differently and on separate timetables.
  • Likewise, create ways to purposefully grieve together.
  • Not only are men and women different, but each parent had a very different relationship with the lost individual.
  • Your presence is often more helpful that any words.
  • Be sensitive to each other’s moods and cut each other a LOT of slack.
  • Seek to nurture each other as you find the strength to do so. As difficult as life is, you are not the only one in pain.
  • Force yourself to focus together on your other children — if you have them. Take joy in their lives and be aware of their needs.
  • Remember that better days are ahead. Life won’t always be this painful.

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