Blooms In The Desert

Have you heard the news? There has been a magnificent explosion of wildflowers blooming in the deserts of Southern California! This phenomenon is being called “a super bloom” and is unlike anything that has been seen in the area since 2005.

Due to this past winter’s record setting rain and snow, precipitation has ended California’s five year drought and awakened millions of dormant seeds. Desert lilies, poppies, dune primroses, sunflowers, desert dandelions, and other desert flowers have magically sprung to life!

Hearing this amazing news occurring far from the lush farmland I enjoy sent me thinking about deserts and droughts and prickly cactus plants that initially seem more alien and repelling than inviting. These are things I know little of.

…But wait a minute…

Those who have experienced grief can easily relate to the metaphorical idea of a bleak, barren environment that spreads out in a seemingly lifeless landscape. In a grim new world that appears forsaken and uninhabitable, there may be little hope for future joy or survival. Certainly there is nothing comfortable about being in an unwelcome condition that appears only stagnant and depressing.

But like those dormant Californian seeds that just spent over ten years quietly waiting for the perfect soil conditions to soften them and create germination, God brings healing to a waiting heart. And no, not all the seeds survive; some are absolutely lost forever. Others have yet to burst to life. But definitely, there is hope and growth and life amid the arid, desolate, and mysterious environment of loss.

Have you been newly dropped in “a desert”? Or have you been stuck there for a while? God promises to be with you and to bring healing to your broken heart.

Do you have a “desert pal” who sits uncomplainingly with you throughout your drought and who loyally loves you despite your dry joylessness? If so, take the time to thank them for their patience and for the hope they hold onto as they wait for you to bloom.

Or perhaps your time in the desert is nearly over and you are learning to incorporate loss into your life. If so, give thanks!

And always remember that one never knows when a good precipitation will create a beautiful desert rose with fragrant blossoms!




Source: Williams, David, CNN: California Desert’s Wildflower ‘Super bloom’ delights Nature Lovers