Amusement Park Dreams

merry-go-round-1435154[1]My four year old daughter had never been to an amusement park before.

I know… I know… It is quite sad – the poor child, but the last few years have sped by and our family has been busy doing other fun things such as the beach, the zoo, and several children’s museums. We never paused to even think about this negligence in our youngest child’s life until the day before our trip.

Now our other young children remembered this particular amusement park and chatted happily about the various rides they were excited to revisit. But as they cheerfully prepared for the next day’s adventures and talked about the merry-go-round, the Ferris wheel, and the roller coaster, our littlest daughter couldn’t really relate to their excitement.

I chimed in and tried to describe the Merry-Go-Round by telling her about the beautiful horses that went round and round. I explained the bright colors, the pretty music, the magnificent sights, and the happy atmosphere. I tried to describe the Ferris wheel with its little cages that went high up in the sky and back down again. Our other children joined in to talk of the roller coaster that zoomed about on its speedy tracks and the little train that puffed about the park with its joyful whistle.

Feeding off our enthusiasm, my littlest daughter smiled brightly and happily clapped her hands, but I could tell she was mostly clueless about the whole experience. I found myself thinking, “Oh, if she only knew what was in store for her!” Fully imagining the happiness I was certain of, I assured her she would “love it” and eagerly awaited seeing her face the next day!

ferris-wheel-two-1225650[1]Well, as you can imagine, my little girl DID love the amusement park and tasted many new and wonderful sensations, sounds, and sights. After a magical day, our entire family came home happy, tired, and slightly sunburned — still talking about the fun we each experienced.

Although the pleasure of an amusement park is an inadequate comparison to Heaven, I am reminded of my own lack of complete understanding regarding this experience that joyfully awaits me. The Bible tells of this eternal home and details sights, sounds, and sensations that I have no familiarity with. Probably it is safe to say I am a little clueless.

I wonder if God – as a Father who likewise anticipates the joy of His children — smiles to think of us “loving it” and eagerly imagines our faces delighting in the many wonder of His Kingdom. I wonder if He wistfully sighs in His all-knowing way and says, “Oh, if she only knew what was in store for her!”.

Do you ever ponder all that is in our future — seeing our loving Heavenly Father, being reunited with our dear loved ones, and experiencing the splendor that God is now preparing for our enjoyment?

Let us live with the promise that wonderful things are ahead and that Someone who dearly loves us will find pleasure in watching our joy!