You are not alone.

Not today. Not tonight when the sun goes down. And not even next week when the world rushes by with its own agenda. If you are enduring the loss of a loved one to suicide, you are not alone in your painful suffering or in your anger, confusion, and turmoil.

Like an airplane touching down after a turbulent flight, you have landed safely among those who kindly offer understanding and companionship, for many others “out there” — including myself — are enduring a similarly agonizing and traumatic loss.

All of us were blindsided by a loved ones’s suicide in different circumstances, but whether the loss was years ago or just last week, we all have stories of overwhelming agony, guilt, and heartache. Some lost a spouse, parent, child, grandparent, or neighbor. Others suffered the loss of a grandchild, friend, sibling, or co-worker. The isolation and stigma of any loss brings tremendous challenges and paralyzing pain.

Where does one go with such hurt and sadness? How does someone learn to move forward and process their loved one’s self-inflicted death? There are no quick and easy answers, but together across the miles, we — survivors of suicide loss– reach out to offer each other comradery and friendship, not because we have the answers, but merely because we are consumed with the questions. Walking together on a road none of us chose, we stumble and lean on each other, both offering and receiving encouragement and hope, fully believing that better days are ahead.

The greatest comfort of all is available from our faithful and loving Heavenly Father who sees us in our pain and tenderly carries us through our darkest days. While there may always be much about our loved one’s death that we are unable to humanly comprehend, it is the steadfast attributes of God and the many promises of His Word that remain constant and unchanging.

My hope is that you are able to feel God’s presence and also find rich connections with others who “get” a suicide loss. My prayer is that you experience much peace and healing in the days to come,

You are not alone,




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